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Supermarkets and China

Friday, January 11th, 2008

In New Zealand I never used to mind going to the supermarket. In fact it was almost a daily occurance. Given that my personality leans torward the spontaneous, random and impulsive I would often devise dinner plans whilst staring blankly at my computer monitor from the depths of cubicle hell only to stop by the supermarket to pick up the necessary ingredients for that days craving.

My kitchen is somewhat better stocked these days than the bachelor flat era. Gone are the days of the musty smelling pantry filled with dryed out half eaten packets of pasta and a few lonely cans of beans; or the freezer containing nothing but a solid block of ice cubes and an exploded beer bottle, a reminder of a hangover long passed. Infact these days I could throw together a collection of (mainliy asian) dishes on a whim without ever having to visit a supermarket. (more…)